Take-away for restaurants

Receive orders via your own website!.
No more long phone-calls. Paid and printed.

0 SEK start-up fee, 0 SEK per month (for life)

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Guest order

Your take-away customers order and pay directly from the menu on your website.

Paid order is printed

Orders are printed out instantly and you can respond with an estimated waiting-time.”

Notis: Ready for pick-up!

Send a notification that the order is ready for pick-up.

Beställa take-away över telefon

No more misunderstandings over the phone

With WEIQ your guests can order and pay in their phone, stress-free.
Save time, avoid interruptions, 100% correct orders.

  • All is paid.
  • Orders are printed.
  • Notify guests

Accesible menues that maximises sales

It’s easy to create attractive and effective menus in WEIQ that increase sales.

Choose whether you want to use product images for all dishes, some, or none at all.

  • Nice design
  • Add-ons for higher sales
  • Menues with opening hours
Digital meny för take away beställningar
Take-away app


No set-up fee.
No monthly-fee.

An incredibly cost-effective way to boost sales through your own website.

  • 3% service-fee
  • 0 monthly fee/li>
  • 0 start-up fee
  • We can set up the menu for you

Bli uppringd

Orders are displayed on screen and printed

Your staff has a printer and a tablet that helps you manage orders efficiently.

On your tablet, you can see what has been ordered and send notifications to customers

  • Hide products “out-of-stock”
  • Message waiting-time
  • Notification to pick-up
WEIQ Hub och bongskrivare
WEIQ Handterminal

Add a terminal & break free from the cash register

Supplement with a handheld terminal and take orders & payments from guests who haven’t ordered themselves yet.

  • Quick payments
  • Tap the card
  • Replace the cash register

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Discount Codes

Build relationships with your loyal guests and make it easier for new users to get started with digital orders.

Why not offer take-away customers 10-20% off their first purchase in WEIQ?

Lunch restaurants can also use discount codes to provide nearby businesses with extra good lunch offers.

  • Loyal guests
  • Kickstart at launch
  • Partnerships & campaigns

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Case: Poké Maniac

Read about how Poké Maniac managed to achieve 30% of its revenue through WEIQ in just one year.

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Benefits with take-away over delivery

Advantages with take-away

“Take-away orders are sustainable for restaurants. There are no additional costs for table service or delivery, and there is less risk of problems. With a take-away app, it becomes even easier.


  • No additional cost for delivery
  • Much lower fees
  • Customers get their food directly – no issues with waiting time or missed deliveries
  • No geographical limitations – all guests can order
  • No interruptions to answer the phone


  • Except for the major and more expensive platforms (such as Foodora, Uber Eats, etc.), the restaurant needs to inform its loyal customers to use the app.

What does delivery mean for restaurants?

WEIQ has chosen not to offer home delivery; there are other apps for that. These can bring in new customers but often charge very high fees for their services.


  • Access to customers who cannot or do not want to pick up the food themselves
  • Famous apps can bring in new customers


  • Significant additional cost for each delivery if done in-house
  • Up to 30% in fees on each order when using a home delivery app
  • Risk of long waiting times for customers

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